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Hey Paddlers

This has been a banner year for the bioluminescence in the IRL. We thought last year would be the best ever but we were wrong. Guides are returning saying the bio is a 12 or 14 on a scale of 1-10. Starting August 1 running for almost 3 weeks will be the peak of this season. Unfortunately most weekend spots are already booked. We do have space this weekend beginning on Saturday August 1. That night will be an amazing opportunity to spend about an hour in the dark refuge an end you trip with an almost perfectly full moon rise at the end of your trip. Then the following week there will be no moonrise during trip hours, so don't be phased by the phase of the moon. It dosen't matter if it's almost full if it doesn't RISE! So watch the colors on the moonphase calendar not the phase of the moon. 

The bio season will run into October so if you havent seen it this year be sure to make your reservation early. We are seeing some things we havent seen in years like rivers of bioluminescent minnows in the canal stretching for a great length.We are seeing a much healthier lagoon and very little algae bloom. Its very exciting to see the lagoon bounce back so well.

Come see us soon...and reserve weekends early!


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One of our guides shared this on his Facebook Page last night about his tour. Looks like they all had a great time!
"Just got home from a fantastic tour! It started out with an enthusiastic group ready for a good time. Once on the water the bioluminescence was shining bright as could be. About 20 minutes into the trip an Atlas V rocket launch went up lighting up the sky like a sunrise. About 1 minute into the rocket launch a meteor shot right passed the rocket! Once we finished watching the rocket I grouped everybody up to tell them about the bioluminescence and just as we grouped up a manatee swam right through the group glowing bright as day in the bioluminescence. I released everybody to explore and look around and we saw so many fish taking off in every direction through the bio looking like bottle rockets on a Chinese new year! I also found a smack of bioluminescent comb jellies that everybody was thrilled to hold and see light up the their hands. On the way back we were escorted by an pod of dolphins also glowing bright. AND I GOT PAID FOR THIS!!!"

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Early Bio
We are glad to report the bio for this week, July 20-22, is fantastic!  Our guides are likening it unto the brilliance we had seen before the lagoon crisis of 2011.  We have been tracking the health of the lagoon and are glad to see that the overall health is showing in the return of the single cell dinoflagelates which produce the bioluminescence we are privilaged to enjoy. 

We are still not seeing it throughout the Haulover Canal area where we paddle, however it is far more prevelent that last year or even 2012.  The areas where it is present are every bit as brilliant as pre 2011 seasons.

Sadly we have to print the disclaimer concerning the prolific population of mosquitos.  The ample rainfall we have had over the last month has created the ideal environment for the pesky little critters.

We stave them off by wearing lighweight, loose fitting long sleeve and pant type clothing that is of dryquick material.  These put a nice barrier between the insect and the skin.  Repelent with Deet can then be applied sparingly to finish the barrier.  We find this works best to keep our guides comfortable, healthy and bite free.

Weather has been so very unpredictable this year compared to years past.  Historically it rains from 3pm to 6pm with the storms moving from Tampa to Titusville and off the coast by 6:30pm or so.

It has been a nail bitter this who season with the storms coming earlier in the day and from every direction! Oh, the grey hairs we are devoping as we watch the radar spin and change colors from every direction and time.

So far this year we have had patient guests as we wait until the acutal tour launch times to make decisons.  Only two tours of the season, which began in June have had to cancel.  Fortunate and grateful are we.  Again, thanks to our guests who patiently wait out the storms passing through at or post launch times.  It has paid of almost every time.

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Bio hand

The Bio has been amazing! We are only in the first week of our season and the intensity of the bio has been far better than we saw last year. It seems the health of the lagoon must be improving or we would not see this dramatic of a change. We are also still seeing the occasional Comb Jelly (added bonus as they are not usually present in the warmer months. 
The weather, like last year, is still unpredictable. The standard afternoon/evening rains present they are just not coming from West to East. They come from all over. Some cells just pop up and sit. We are doing our best to read the weather and make the best calls possible. So far we have not had to cancel a tour. Amen!

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This week a friend and I did a three day kayaking trip down the St. Johns River from SR520 to SR46.  I don't know exactly how long the trip was but I estimated it at about 35 miles long.  This was an amazing trip full of unexpected adventure.

DAY 1: Day one was fun.  We set out at around 9:30 am or so that morning.  The river was quiet and serene.  We saw a large hill out on the floodplain so we stopped there for lunch.  From that hill we saw another kayaker.  Not a lot folks kayak this river but as this guy got closer we could tell he was out kayaking for the long haul.  Introductions made, Jim, Josh and I started chatting with decided to paddle together, the three of us.  As we got to know him he told us he was paddling to Jacksonville and out into the ocean.  That made our journey seem kind of wussy.  We all reached the Catfish Hotel around 4 PM.  Jim took a break and continued on solo.  This Catfish Hotel is a most rickety little shack.  I slept in it that night and I'm really surprised it didn't blow over.  The wall to my right was bending in from the gusts.  It was an adventure!

DAY 2:  This was my favorite day!  It started out cool and windy so that was a bummer but the events later that day made up for it.  We set out paddling and came across some free roaming horses out on the flood plain.  Down the river we caught up with Jim again so it was good to see him.  We all had a rough night with the cold front that had come through.  The sun finally came out and we were dodging air boats left and right.  Out on the middle of the floodplain was a lone cypress tree and I noticed a clump of something on a limb.  It looked furry but surely no woodland mammal would be so dumb as to sit up in a tree out in the open.
I did the only natural thing and climbed the tree to get a closer look.  Sure enough, it was two young raccoon snuggled together out on a limb sleeping the day away.  Coincidentally, I found a good sized yellow rat snake shed in the tree too.  The backdrop to this scene of coons in the tree was a blazing wildfire.  Fires are natural part of the floodplains  but this was up wind and approaching the opposite bank fairly quickly.  We got to paddle right past it as it hissed and sent dark plumes of smoke up into the air.  At the end of the day we had seen 100 alligators and actually found our next camping area, which was in the most remote parts of the river.  I ate, drank, strung up my hammock and dozed off as the sun went down.  I was exhausted!

DAY 3:  This was another chilly night but better than the last one.  It was overcast and still when I got up that morning.  With the cool morning air, I wasn't inclined to get out of my sleeping bag so I dreaded it for a while and forced myself out a little before nine.  I knew it was the last day and I was ready to get back and have this trip complete.  I had hoped to see Jim again but I think at this point we were a fair bit ahead.  As we headed north we hit Puzzle Lake which isn't really a lake but a river that goes through a series of small lakes. I had hoped there were a few short cuts but each time I ended up going the long way.

All in all it was a great trip and I look forward to guiding some folks through this stretch in a couple week during the Expedition Brevard.




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